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Celebrity Skin Care Secrets Revealed

Always wanted to know what the top celebrity skin care secrets are?

I did and as a result did some investigating to find out what their beauty Artdeco secret tips were to stay so young and healthy looking.

We all know that models and celebrities have a few beauty secret tips up their sleeve. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie have access to the best top beauty secret tips and products - and yet, you would be surprised how affordable these products are.

Here you will find some beauty secrets of the stars, what their favorite skin care products are, and what they do at home to keep looking so good.

Think You Can't Afford These Top Beauty Secrets?

Think you can't afford to follow Hollywood beauty secrets? Well, think again. These beauty secrets can be made in your own kitchen for pennies a day!

We all think that because celebrities and models have plenty of disposable income that they purchase only the most expensive creams and potions. However, the truth is expensive creams don't always guarantee great results.

Sometimes, simple and even homemade recipes work much better to heal acne prone skin or rejuvenate tired, dry, wrinkled skin....................................................................

And the best part is that many of these recipes can be made in your own kitchen.

Celebrity and Model Top Beauty Secrets

Ok, here we go:

Did you know that Cindy Crawford carries a spray bottle filled with a mixture of mineral water and whole milk?

She uses this mixture to keeps her face moist by spraying it several times throughout the day. The mixture contains equal parts of mineral water and whole milk.

This concoction is very effective at keeping the skin moist due to its rich emollient content derived from the milk and the nutrient rich mineral water. Plus the milk contains enzymes that act as natural exfoliants -- keeping the skin smooth and free of rough patches.

Jennifer Love Hewitt likes to heal her blemishes by applying a dab of toothpaste to the zit overnight. The toothpaste helps to dry and heal the skin quickly, so that often time, by morning the blemish is almost gone.

Catherine Zeta-Jones keeps her teeth white and shiny by brushing them with strawberries. The strawberries contain enzymes that acts as a natural teeth whitener.

She mashes a cup or strawberries and mixes it with baking soda... both are natural cleansers and teeth whiteners. She uses this about 3 times per week.
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